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FAQs about Christmas

It can be said that the Christmas celebration takes place on two different days: December 24 at night and December 25 all day.

December 24 is Christmas Eve, which is celebrated in anticipation of the day that Christian tradition celebrates as the date of the "nativity" (that is, the birth) of Jesus of Nazareth (December 25).

Both days together are considered one of western society's most culturally significant celebrations.

This Holiday is celebrated on December 25 of each year for most Christians worldwide. However, some Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas in January. On January 6, it is celebrated by the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and Russia, and on the 7th of Ukraine.

December 25 is a Holiday in many countries and is celebrated by hundreds of millions of Christians around the world. But it is also observed, in one way or another, by a large number of non-Christians.

It is because, beyond its religious origin, Christmas is a sacred day for many and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. Among other traditions, families and friends exchange presents.

Christmas Eve is the Christian celebration of the night of December 24, the eve of Christmas Day (December 25). The traditions to celebrate that night vary from one country to another. But it is common to get together as a family for dinner and give Christmas gifts.

Christmas Eve was originally considered a religious feast, but at present, it also has a solid cultural and familiar character. The families get together although they do not make a religious celebration and even if they do not profess the Christian religion.

In the United States, Christmas is a celebration framed within the so-called "Holiday season" or "Festive season", which starts on the 4th Thursday of November with Thanksgiving Day.