Easy and fast women’s Halloween costumes

Halloween costume ideas that will make you standout

Halloween costume ideas that will make you stand out

Good news! Halloween holiday is near, and like every year we want to fully enjoy it with our friends! 

But do we have any Halloween costume ideas for this holiday? What costume are we going to wear this year? Maybe we don't want to wear the same one as last year!

But … how much will it cost us to buy or rent a new Halloween costume. As you may know, buying or renting pre-made costumes is usually expensive and are made from cheap materials... and frequently they don't fit our bodies well, simply because they're not made for us.

Why not! A DIY Halloween costume!

So, let's go for the cheapest and most challenging choice: making ourselves the Halloween costume! Unleash the inner costume designer we have as women! 

But… how long will it take us to design and make it? Yes, many of us just don't want to spend days making a costume that we'll only wear for a few hours and probably never use again. 

As women, we want a flattering Halloween costume, funny, easy to make and completely hassle-free.

Cat, Pirate and Superhero Woman are classic Halloween costumes, along with many others, that you can make yourself with simple pieces you probably already have in your closet.

Halloween costume for women plus shapewear… to look amazing!

And you can also use shapewear! Yes! Halloween can be the perfect excuse to get that waist trainer you've been wishing for a long time!

Maybe you already have some body shapers at home, or you can buy them by taking advantage of the Curveez Halloween sales (see above!). These pieces can help you enhance your Halloween look and show off your costume and figure better. And you can also continue using them all year long, and for the next Halloween too!

Then … ready to make your Halloween costume?  

We hope these simple tips help you to make a funny and cute Halloween costume, just with a little wit and saving time and money. And not only to look good... if you want, also to look very, very sexy!

And Curveez helps you make your figure look amazing! Go check out our Halloween sale!

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FAQ’s about Halloween

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Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31. This is because the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain took place on this date, considered the origin of the Halloween holiday. It marks the time of the year when the seasons change. It was also believed that the border between this world and next became especially thin on that day, allowing Celts to connect with their dead.

It depends if you want to buy a new regular outfit for Halloween or if you want to buy a costume for Halloween. In the latter case, the usual thing is to go to a store that sells or rents costumes or a party supply store. But you can also make your costume easier and cheaper with the suggestions you can find on our blog.

You can make yourself a cute Halloween costume easier and cheaper than you think by taking advantage of the clothes you already have or from a good friend that can lend you. You only have to have imagination and good taste and take advantage of the suggestions you can find on our blog.