3 easy-to-make Halloween costumes for women

3 easy-to-make Halloween costumes for women

Halloween costume ideas that will make you stand out

Halloween holiday is near… and we want to fully enjoy it with our friends!

But do we have any Halloween costume ideas for this holiday? What costume are we going to wear this year?

Maybe we don't want to wear the same one as last year; we will not surprise our friends, who will surely show up with new costumes.

And then… how much will it cost us to buy or rent a new Halloween costume different from last year's?

But let's face it: first, buying or renting pre-made costumes is usually expensive and are made from cheap materials. And second, they don't frequently fit our bodies well, simply because they're not made for us.


Why not! A do-it-yourself Halloween costume!

Halloween costumes for women


Let's go for the cheapest and most challenging choice: making ourselves the Halloween costume for women!

But… how long will it take us to design and make it? Will we make it right? Will it fit us? Will we look good in front of our friends?

And not all of us can spend the same time preparing for Halloween.

Some of us love to immerse ourselves in this fall ritual enthusiastically, spending much time on Halloween, releasing our creative spirit, and making new and impactful things. 

Get more creative with DIY projects for cool Halloween costumes with unique decorations. Making themed treats, becoming creative makeup artists, unleashing that inner costume designer with a hot glue gun and sewing machine are all part of that ritual.

But many of us don't want the hassle of spending days making a costume that we'll only wear for a few hours and probably never use again.

And, of course, there are those of us who leave our Halloween costume until the last minute, begging for more time to get a nice-looking costume.

But in general, as women, we want a Halloween costume that is flattering, funny, easy to make and completely hassle-free.


Halloween costume plus shapewear… to look amazing!

You can make many costumes with simple pieces you probably already have in your closet. Also, remember that friends are always willing to help you with clothes you do not have and tell you how you look.

And you can also use shapewear! Yes! Halloween can be the perfect excuse to get that waist trainer you've been wishing for a long time!

Maybe you already have some body shapers at home, or you can buy them by taking advantage of the Curveez Halloween sales. These pieces can help you enhance your Halloween look and show off your costume and figure better. And you can also continue using them all year long. And they will even use for next Halloween!


Easy and cute Halloween costume ideas

halloween costume ideas

Here are some easy Halloween costumes with regular clothes but attractive that you can make yourself without spending a lot of money or time.


1-   The Catwoman’s remake!

It is a classic Halloween costume, but that does not stop it from being attractive. Anyone can recognize a black cat costume from a distance … and it's incredibly easy to make! Let's see…

Wear a full black outfit like the High Waist Leggings Stunning Shape (on Halloween sale!). They are 100% non-transparent and incredibly body shaping. Also, black leggings are widely used on Halloween… and they look great!

You can also add the Cami Shaper Incredibly, which smooths out your bulges!

To complete your cat costume, you can easily get a pair of cat ears and a tail at any party supply store.

And if you want to go the extra mile to look sexier, use eyeliner to draw a sultry cat eye along with the outline of a cat nose and mouth. Thus, you complete a perfect makeup look. A sexy Halloween costume. Why not!


2-   The Pirate Woman of the Caribbean!

Pirate costumes are so much fun… and easier to make than you think! You just need a short flowing dress, preferably white, which you probably already have in your closet.

Then, wear a waist trainer like the Waist Trainer Shapewear Short Latex (on Halloween sale!).

And to complete the perfect pirate woman, put on some boots and a pirate hat that you can find at party supply stores. But if you can't find a pirate hat, use a piece of red fabric! Just wrap it like a scarf… and you're good to go.

Yes! And go proud of your pirate costume looking for your Jack Sparrow! Or, if you prefer, your Will Turner.


3-   A new Wonder Woman?

A famous superhero costume is tricky to make, even more so if you don't have much time or it's the day before Halloween. This is because they are characters that have specific traits that you should recreate similarly, such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, and many others.

Nevertheless!… the good of this kind of costume is that superhero outfits have standard features. It makes a superhero costume easy to make and recognize, even if it doesn't have the exact look-a-like of a famous character. For example, a fitted outfit, high boots and a long cape characterize most of the famous superheroes.

You can easily make the cape from any colored sheet or fabric. Just tie it around your neck… and voila!

Also, throw on some skinny shorts like the High Waist Boyshort Signature Control (on Halloween sale!). It has a unique natural butt-lifting effect while slimming your tummy.

And add the Full Coverage Bra BRAEEZ 7 Wonders bra for an all-black look. Why 7 Wonders bra? It is the only bra designed to combine seven different functionalities in one solution. See it! It’s wonderful of course!


Then … ready to make your Halloween costume?

We hope these valuable tips will help you to make a cute and funny Halloween costume, just with a little wit and saving time and money. And not only to look good... if you want, also to look very, very sexy!

Good luck!


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Have a happy Halloween!

Our sincere wish.