Janice Santiago, like so many women, has worked hard her entire life to help support her family. Upon losing her job to an unjust layoff in 1999, a job she had invested 6 years of her life in, she started pondering the idea of becoming her own boss and joining the entrepreneur world. The switch to being a self-employed woman was not an easy one especially when Janice often struggled with her own self-image, her weight, and her self-esteem. That compiled with the task of also being a mom of two beautiful girls and a housewife, often left Janice feeling as though she was stuck in a dark hole. However, with only $400 in her pocket and using her Colombian connections from her previous work, help from friends and family members, and working out of her home garage, she started New Concepts Distributors Inc (NCDI), by selling women’s intimate clothing via catalogs.

After long hours of dedication, the income from catalog sales alone was insufficient and Janice’s motivation and confidence decayed as days seemed to drag on. Life felt like a never-ending struggle between work, family, and her own worries and fears of failure. It was inevitable, Janice needed to go back to the private sector as a part-time employee. Depression and insecurity overwhelmed Janice, but she knew she had to continue supporting her family and follow her dreams.

After four years of struggles, and with some money saved, she created her first men’s underwear catalog brand, Elite, which complemented the distribution of her Love Story intimate catalog, a Colombian company. With less than expected sales, it wasn’t until 2006 that she was introduced to the shapewear industry, a type of product Janice felt was ugly and uncomfortable for any woman. However, Janice knew that if she was to get behind this product, she needed to try them on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that the original shapewear was not the beautiful shapewear you see today, Janice began to notice a change in her health and well-being. She began to not only realize her own body was already beautiful but that her self confidence and self-esteem were also boosted by a simple piece of clothing hidden under her regular clothes. It was this confidence that energized Janice to walk into any meeting with her head held high as she not only looked fabulous but felt great on the inside as well.

Motivated by her newfound inner confidence and self-love through shapewear, Janice felt empowered to help other women across the globe to experience the same. Therefore with a strong knowledge of the benefits of shapewear and her past experience on intimate clothing, Janice saw an opportunity to deliver high-quality fashionable compression garments within the plus-size market.

Being involved with a Columbian shapewear brand for several years, Janice was limited to targeting mostly the Hispanic market due to the cultural sizing difference, which ran mostly one to two sizes smaller than the American market. Having a difficult time with sizing, the Curveez Plus line was introduced by focusing on the American market. As sales grew within the Curveez Plus line, Janice saw an opportunity to create more innovative styles and in 2015, through NCDI, introduced her own registered shapewear brand...Curveez®! Currently, Curveez ®, offers a variety of the best shapewear designs for different, body types, occasions, and functions, from its post-surgical line, created in 2017, to waist cincher reducing body shapers, seamless wear, and activewear to name a few.

NCDI headquarters is located in Doral, Fl., where it sells its products directly to stores and distributes its packages worldwide of all sorts of products with their drop shipping services to hundreds of online stores. With manufacturing capabilities and shapewear design experience, NCDI also provides consulting and private label services to help others carry their own brand and designs.

Ever since Janice started using shapewear, Janice’s vision has always been to help other women achieve their goals, as she did, by boosting their confidence and helping them to love themselves inside and out. Her motivation is for every woman feel empowered, be confident, and to flaunt her beautiful curves aided by shapewear as she takes on the world!