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New to Shapewear? Tips and Tricks!

New to Shapewear? Tips and Tricks!

In recent years the shapewear industry has exploded with several companies offering different product lines to lift, tighten, and re-shape your body.

With the vast options available, there can be a lot of confusion if you have never used shapewear for women in the past, therefore, we have comprised the best tips and tricks for picking out the perfect shapewear line for your individual needs!

First and foremost, our belief is that shapewear is not designed to completely change your body, it is designed to complement and enhance your existing curves and beauty allowing you to feel more confident and comfortable as you take on the world!

Find the Right Fit

Poorly fitting shapewear is often uncomfortable and too restrictive to your circulatory system and movement. It is essential to measure your body correctly to ensure you find the right fit for you. Choosing a size too small thinking it will help you squeeze into a smaller dress could actually cause the shapewear to bulge in other areas, which would not allow you to maximize your existing beauty. Whereas, choosing the correct size will help smooth and define your curves without odd bulges or lumps.

Your shapewear should not bunch, roll, or pinch. If this is occurring you may have chosen the wrong size due to incorrect measuring. In order to obtain the correct measurements, we recommend the following:

It is better to have someone else take your measurements to ensure accurate placement of the measuring tape

Measure your natural waist –

When you bend to the side, the indent between your ribs and your hip bone is your natural waist. Fit the tape snuggly around this area and round up to the nearest whole number.

Measure your hips –

Wrap the tape around the fullest section of your hips, ensuring the tape is parallel to the floor, and round up to the nearest whole number. Ensure not to wrap the tape to tightly to avoid incorrect measurements. 

Measure your Bust –

Wrap the tape snuggly around the fullest part of your breasts, keeping the tape parallel to the ground. Do not pull the tape too tightly and do not wear a push-up bra when taking this measurement.

Posture Correction and Compression Support

Shapewear is not just to smooth and tighten your body. Many of our products are also great for helping with your posture for better spine alignment. Supporting your lower back is essential during workout routines and throughout daily life as poor posture and lack of support can lead to pain and injury.

Choosing the correct compression for your shapewear ensures that your comfort and desired results are achieved. With compression available in Light, Moderate, Firm, and Ultra Firm, depending on your needs we recommend having several different garments, in different compression levels to guarantee you are ready for any event! .

Every activity or event may require a different compression level. For example, activities at work tend to suggest a comfort light compression shaper to keep your bodies curves perfect without feeling sandwiched under your work clothes, whereas, a hot date with a new prospect, may require a little more compression to show off the best you, and we would recommend our medium compression shaper. No matter your activity, your level of comfort and desired results will define the level of compression shapewear you will require. If you are new to shapewear, we recommend starting with a light compression shaper to allow you to learn what works for you in several different activities.

Medical Use

After surgical procedures, shapewear can assist in speeding up your recovery time and reducing pain and inflammation. Compression garments help to re-attach muscles to skin after procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and more.

Shapewear also adds the extra benefit of helping you look and feel your best after surgery, which is a very important step to a speedy recovery!
Shapewear is not just to smooth and tighten your body. Many of our products are also great for helping with your posture for better spine alignment. Supporting your lower back is essential during workout routines and throughout daily life as poor posture and lack of support can lead to pain and injury.

Not Just for Special Events

Many women only pull out shapewear to wear for special events such as weddings and anniversaries. However, shapewear can be used every day to boost your confidence no matter the occasion!

With so many different products available, you are able to target certain areas of your body such as thighs, buttocks, waist, etc., on a daily basis and for any occasion such as work, gym, school, and more! Your clothing will fit better, you will feel more confident, and you will find that having a wardrobe consisting of several different pieces of shapewear, you will be ready no matter what the world throws at you!

Don’t forget, that once you find your favorite daily shapewear and compression levels, you will want to order a variety of styles to complement your wardrobe every day!

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So Many Styles

It can be overwhelming when trying to choose your first piece of shapewear, but do not fret as choosing shapewear is as easy as deciding what you would like your shapewear to do for your body.

Curveez has made finding the perfect piece for your individual needs easy with our online menus. Simply choose the body part you wish to enhance and you will be provided with a full list of products dedicated to your needs!

Examples of the best shapewear for different clothing options:

  • Jeans, Pencil Skirts, Dress Pants, and Shorts – Looking for a lift? Try our shapewear panties, thongs, and/or briefs which can also be purchased with a high waist to also firm and tighten your tummy to ensure you feel in control all day!
  • Dresses – Seeking full-body control so you feel fabulous all day in any dress? Try our full body shapers available with or without thigh support and/or breast support, and you will be ready for any occasion!
  • Tops, Tank-Tops, and Shirts – Feel confident in one of our Cami or Tank Shapers! Cool and comfortable with just the right amount of control! Especially the ones with posture control. Many can also be worn on their own and not just as an undergarment!
  • Leggings, high-waist panties, and Bodies – Feel confident and smooth in any of our legging, high waist panties or bodies designed for comfort and control under several styles of pants or layer them with your favorite outfit! Ah! And don’t forget the ones that are butt-lifter, which provide a spectacular rear look.
  • Tummy Control Shapewear– Our vests are an excellent option under several types of clothing to add superior tummy control and allow you to feel both confident and sexy!

Use and Care Tips

Now that you have found the perfect shapewear and compression level for your individual body type, it is important to care for your products so they will continue to help shape your beautiful curves!

  • Most shapewear is to be put on from the bottom up - feet first. Never put a shaper on from the top-down as you could injure yourself, misshapen, and/or damage your shapewear.
  • Always follow washing instructions for your individual Curveez product. When handwashing, never wring out your shaper to rid it of excess water as this will damage the product.

From light to ultra-firm compression, you will be sure to find shapewear designed for your individual body type here at Curveez! Have any questions? We would be happy to help you choose the best product for your desired needs!

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