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The Best Morning Routine for a Successful Life

The Best Morning Routine for a Successful Life

 By Bobbi McGarry

Mornings are said to be the best time to achieve success. Hence the phrase “The early bird catches the worm”. Some mornings you may wake refreshed and ready to take on the world. You cook a big breakfast for your family, sing on your way to work, and show up to your shift 20 minutes early just to get a jump start on your day. 

Other mornings you hit snooze 10 times, grab a cup of coffee to go, and slip into work 20 minutes late hoping your boss did not notice. 

Although you may not always have a perfect morning, having a routine in place is the backbone of having a successful day and life! Many successful people swear by their morning routines to guide the entire day’s outcome. Stray from the plan and the day quickly gets away from them. 

If you are not normally a routine kind of person, you will be surprised at how planning your mornings will change your focus throughout the day allowing you to not only reach for...but create a successful life! 

  1. Set Your Alarm Clock for the Same Time Every Day ( YES! This includes weekends) 

Our bodies run on an internal clock and that clock can easily become out of sync. By setting your alarm to the same time every day, your body clock will begin to stabilize, improving your sleep, and decreasing possible insomnia and sleep deprivation. Your productivity level will also increase as your internal clock will be set to know when “work time” is and when “relax time” is so there is no more overlap. 

Other benefits include a higher sense of alertness, short-term memory increase, decrease in irritability and pain, and improvement of your overall mood. 

Of course, we do not always want to leave the warmth and comfort of our beds...especially on a relaxing Sunday...but by using your willpower to get up and take on the day, you will have already overcome the first hurdle and be well on your way to a great day! 

  1. Take a Few “Me” Moments 

Many successful people take a few moments at the beginning of each day to enjoy some quiet meditation. A chance to focus your thoughts and goals, and by visualizing how your hard work and sacrifices are a needed part of your successful life, your challenges begin to appear less impossible as they are now simply the right thing to do in order to achieve success. 

There are also several added benefits to meditation such as reducing stress, helping to control anxiety, and a heightened sense of self-awareness all of which benefit your goal of a successful life. 

  1. Exercise 

The benefits of exercise are widely known, however, a quick workout routine in the morning has added benefits to your day being successful! 

It doesn’t matter if you are a top business entrepreneur or a stay-home mom. Starting your day with a simple exercise routine will improve your state of mind, increase your energy, and allow you to focus clearly on the day ahead. 

The simple act of following a morning exercise routine also boots your willpower, your confidence, and your stamina due to the fact that it is an easily attainable goal that you can meet every day!

  1. Enjoy Breakfast With Your Family 

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day as it gets our metabolism moving and provides much-needed energy for the day ahead.  A less talked about benefit is the fact that sitting down for breakfast with your loved ones allows you a moment to focus on and clarify what is truly important in your life...your family.  

This clarity gives you the strength and wisdom to face your day with the knowledge to prioritize people over things, allowing you to be kinder to others while you strive for success.  

  1. Write in a Journal 

Taking a moment to jot down all the thoughts swarming your head, is a wonderful way to get all the “trash” out of your mind. You are not trying to write a novel, simply a purge of ideas and thoughts so you can begin your day fresh and ready for anything that comes your way. 

This type of journaling has many benefits and is also great for idea building and tracking. Often a dream will bring to light new ideas, and by jotting it down quickly gets the idea on paper where it will not be forgotten. 

  1. Greet Others with a Smile 

There is truth in the saying “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” and by greeting others on your way to work, in the office, at the store, and everywhere else you go, is a great start to inviting positivity into your day. 

Smiling also is a great way to boost your confidence as there are added health and mental benefits to showing off your pearly whites such as reducing stress and increasing endurance. 

People who smile more often begin to realize smiling is contagious. It may start with you and begins to spread like wildfire, brightening several people’s day! 

  1. Recite Affirmations 

Affirmations are simply things you can say to yourself to boost your self-esteem and confidence for the day ahead.  The practice of reciting affirmations helps reinforce positive thinking in your mind while pushing away negative thoughts that can hinder our successful life. 

Try reciting three affirmations about yourself and your goals each and every day and soon you will find the good thoughts are outwardly displayed as you proceed through your day, leading you to your successful life! 

Some affirmations to try are: 

  • I will do great things today 
  • I am well on my way to achieving {your big goal} 
  • I believe in, trust, and have confidence in myself 
  • I can do this! 
  • I'm bringing a positive attitude to work every day 
  1. Dress for Success 

Whether you work from home or run a multi-million dollar business, you must always dress for the success you want in your life! This is not only for an outward appearance but also for your own inner confidence and self-esteem. 

Even when simply working from your home office, just because you will not be in a board meeting, does not mean you should stay in your pajamas all day. 

Dressing for success actually changes our frame of mind. It allows our brain to realize this is “work” time, focuses our attention, enhances our self-esteem, and allows us to feel confident throughout the day! 

Every morning when you wake is your opportunity to achieve your successful life. Try the routine above and begin showing off your confidence every day. Your goals are reachable and you can achieve the successful life you DESERVE! 

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Remember that your successful life begins with you so show off your beautiful curves and love the person you are as you deserve the best life has to offer! 

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